One Of The Best In Sauipe

One Of The Best In Sauipe

One Of The Best In Sauipe

Mata de São João - Sauípe - Bahia, Brasil

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7,534 Sq. Ft.


Sauipe – Bahia.
Beautiful beaches , lush nature , combined with full leisure and quality of life .

Holiday Sauipe Grande Laguna is situated on the Coconut Coast , the North Coast of Bahia . This charming place, renowned for its beautiful beaches , has a length of about 200 km , from Salvador and tracking northward , the Estrada do Coco and the Green Line to the state of Sergipe .

  • This is one of the best condo located on the coast of the coconut trees .
  • Architectural design developed by some of the best architects in the Condery .

The tenants can also take advantage of Leisure area containing :

  • Games room and lounge.
  • 2 tennis courts , sports court and soccer field
  • Spa with massage, whirlpool and sauna
  • fitness Central
  • Putting green for practice of Golf
  • nautical support
  • Beach facilities
  • private Pool

The house in question is one of the best of the Costa de Sauipe complex. Original design have expanded in construction. Finely furnished . A few furniture will be removed because they are personal items .

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