JZL House

JZL House

JZL House

Leblon - Rio de Janeiro, RJ.


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Leblon – Rio de Janeiro.

A sculptural expression of architectural minimalism with a cubist form, the sublime JZL House is located in a residential area of Leblon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The house is dislocated off the site’s back boundary for privacy and to create a natural lighting shaft that reaches all floors giving it an unexpected openness.

The upper deck is protected by vertical self-supporting cast glass louvres, which together with the hanging gardens and windows, act as filters for the light and ensure privacy to the intimate sector. The modulation of the collective bedroom and playroom allows for their future subdivision, which will enable a family to offer each one of three children their own room. This volume is structured by two cores on the ground floor that house the kitchen on one side, and office, cellar and toilet on the other.

The residence is spatially distributed over three floors including the basement, ground and upper floors, all of which house service, social and intimate sectors, respectively. The living and dining rooms can be fully integrated with the outside deck. The intention was to create a large space where the boundaries between interior and exterior were diluted.

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Office : +55 21 2512-7743

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